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Zyrka Landwijt

Zyrka's introduction to yoga began in 1999. After exposure to a variety of methods and styles of yoga, Zyrka began an intensive year-long teacher-apprenticeship program at the Saraswati River Yoga School and began her teaching career in 2002. She is trained in yoga philosophy, mantra, meditation, pranayama and asana by renowned yogini of the Bhairavi Maha Yoga Tradition, Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati (Kirin Mishra). Zyrka frequently travels back to the east coast to continue studying with Parvathi as well as other teachers at the Saraswati River Yoga School. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.

As yoga is meant to be a direct experience, Zyrka strives to provide a sense of accessibility to all students. As a teacher, her intention is to give students the opportunity to explore these practices and integrate these truths into their own lives.

Author of Yoga: Beginning Practice
Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow
Yoga: Flow, Saraswati River Tradition

Zyrka Landwijt



Emily Kligerman

Emily Kligerman brings almost two decades of experience to her teaching. She has worked closely with Sports Medicine Specialists, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors to develop these safe and effective therapeutic Yoga sequences. Her work has been featured in LA Yoga Magazine.

Author of: Yoga Therapy for Back Pain


Jenni Rawlings

Jenni Rawlings has been a dedicated student of yoga since 1997, has completed multiple yoga teacher trainings, and is a certified Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga instructor. She is also the owner of Drishti, a yoga clothing and essentials store in Santa Barbara, California.

Author of
Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Advanced Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Jenni Rawlings Yoga Teacher


Deb Dobbin

As one of Santa Barbara's most loved and respected teachers, Deb Dobbin’s students often refer to her classes as transformational, humorous, creative and profoundly powerful. She has taught Vinyasa yoga for 18 years, studying with masters like Erich Schiffmann and Sarah Powers, as well as Ganga White and Tracey Rich. Drawing on Ashtanga, Iyengar and Yin Yoga traditions, she weaves the gifts offered by her mentors into a potent and unique style of teaching.

Deb is most recognized for inspiring her students to take responsibility for their practices, while coaching them to translate their learning into every area of their lives. She boldly addresses the habits that impact their everyday lives, and challenges them to shift their limiting beliefs to generate courage, full self-expression and self-realization.

Author of Yoga: Spirit of Vinyasa Flow

Deb Dobbin



Chao Pang

Chao has over 30 years experience with martial arts. His joyful and clear teaching style blends east and west in a comphensive system that is easy to learn.

Author of Tai Chi: Stillness Through Motion

Chao Pang


Deborah Donohue

Deborah has been practicing yoga for 18 years. She particularly enjoys restorative yoga for the grace and expansion that it offers. Her gentle and warm spirit makes this yoga experience rich and healing.

Author of Restorative Yoga Practice