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Price: $29.95
Length: 3 hours
Format: DVD all countries
12 lessons
10 Principles
Bonus insert

Tai Chi: Stillness through motion

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with this classic Tai Chi sequence. Let master Chao Pang gently guide you through the Short Yang form, revealing the secrets of the inner aspects of Tai Chi by applying
modern anatomical knowledge to this ancient art.

Captured in high definition, this beautifully filmed dvd contains detailed theory, posture correction and form practice for beginners and advanced Tai Chi practitioners. At 3 hours long, this comprehensive program reveals the 10 most important alignment principles, plus 12 detailed lessons where Chao breaks down each motion and leads you through each section of the practice.

This dvd also includes a bonus insert that has practice recommendations and a quick reference chart for each move in the form. An invaluable resource for the student of Tai Chi!

INSTRUCTOR: Chao has over 30 years experience with martial arts. His joyful and clear teaching style blends east and west in a comphensive system that is easy to learn.


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