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Teres Major and teres minor muscles  

Teres Major and teres minor muscles

ACTION: Minor- externally rotates humerus. Major- adduction and internally rotates humerus
REFERRAL: Minor- posterior shoulder. Major- lateral shoulder.

The teres minor is the little helper of the infraspinatus. It attaches just next to it on the posterior humerus, and helps external rotation. When strained, people feel a deep ache the size of a silver dollar on humeral attachment.

The teres major attaches to the posterior scapula, then straight across to the anterior (front) of the shoulder, attaching to the front of the humerus. This muscle along with the latissimus dorsi, forms the back part of your armpit. This muscle refers pain into the lateral shoulder and sometimes into the lateral forearm.

These two muscles are rarely inflamed, and are ignored by most therapists.