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scalenes: scalene medius, anterior and posterior muscles  

scalenes: scalene medius, anterior and posterior

ACTION: Neck lateral flexion, helps raise ribs
REFERRAL: Anterior chest, radial side of arm, and upper back(not shown)

COMMENTS: A tight scalene group will pull the head to the same side. Test by laterally flexing the neck and noticing where the motion is restricted. (If the head won't go to the left, the scalenes on the right are tight.) When working on the scalenes, be wary of the sensitive nerve and arteries nearby. The scalenes can impinge on the briachial plexus, causing nerve pain or numbness down the arm. This is called thoracic outlet syndrome.

scalene trigger points

Our DVD, Nerve Mobilization shows techniques to evalute the nerves as they move through the scalenes and other muscles, and shows how to free them.