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Infrahyoid and suprahyoid muscles  

Infrahyoids and suprahyoids

ACTION: Infrahyoids: flex the neck, Suprahyoids: open the jaw.
REFERRAL: Anterior neck

COMMENTS: The infrahyoids are made up of three muscles, the omohyoid, the sterno hyoid, and the thyrohyoid. They lie right over the trachea. The infrahyoids can be damaged in whiplash cases. To release these muscles apply gentle frictioning with the tips of your fingers. Be careful not to put pressure on the internal jugular veins, which are just lateral to the trachea. See also the longus colli and capitis, which lie deep, right over the anterior part of the cervical vertebrae, and can also be important to work on in cases of whiplash.

The suprahyoid group hardly ever has any problems, except maybe after a thanksgiving eating marathon.