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Massage Excellence
Real Bodywork offers a variety of high quality massage dvds and massage videos. All our DVDs are finely crafted with great techniques that you can apply immediately in your massage practice. We also sell a unique massage cream perfect for deep tissue massage. We are open for phone calls 10-3 Monday - Thursday Pacific time.

Structural Bodywork DVDs

Muscle Energy Technique
Muscle Energy Technique2
Orthopedic Assessment- Lower
Orthopedic Assessment- Upper
Orthopedic Massage- Upper
Orthpedic Massage- Lower
Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular
Therapy, Torso

Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular
Therapy, Extremities

Beginning Myofascial Release
Advanced Myofascial Release
Nerve Mobilization-Arm
Nerve Mobilization-Back & Legs
Cranial-Sacral Therapy
Positional Release


Sports Massage
Mastering Pregnancy Massage
Massage Therapy for Fibromyalgia
Equine Massage
It's Baby Time! Infant Massage
Benefits of Massage Waiting Room Loop

Thai Massage
Clinical Shiatsu
Polarity Therapy


Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Healing Stone Massage 1
Healing Stone Massage 2
Ayurvedic Spa Treatments
Ayurvedic Face Massage & Shirodara

Massage Fundamentals DVDs

Chair Massage
Anatomy & Pathology for Bodyworkers
Therapeutic Massage
Integrative Massage - Fire
Integrative Massage - Earth
Integrative Massage - Spirit

Heal Your Wrist Pain, Naturally
Reflexology for the feet and hands

Wellness DVDs

Wu-Hao Tai Chi
Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Yoga: Flow
Advanced Vinyasa Flow
Yoga Therapy for Back Pain
Yoga: Spirit of Vinyasa Flow
Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow
Yoga: Gentle Practice
Restorative Yoga Practice
Tai Chi

Phone: (888) 505-5511 direct dial: (805) 898-1539 Images for Retailers